Messages from the Grand Court of California's Grand Officers

Message from the Grand Royal Matron

Honored Ladies and Sir Knights I have been Grand Royal Matron for almost a month and I am starting to get the hang of what I need to do, with S.K. Russell at my side, I feel that we will make a difference.

We are going into Installation Season, and we plan to attend all but 1 Installation due to the fact that we cannot be in the North and South at the same time.

S.K. Russell and I wish to thank the member of this Grand Court for allowing us to lead you for this year, we will do our upmost to do the job with the dignity required of this Organization.

May God bless and keep all our members.

Amaranth Love

H.L. Christina

Message from the Grand Royal Patron

Honored Ladies and Sir Knight, I wish to thank all of you for Installing me as Grand Royal Patron, I promise that I will do all in my power to promote the Order of the Amaranth.

I will be attending all but 1 Installation as we do not have a jet plane for the Grand Line to use to travel from the South to North in a very short time, but I plan on traveling as much as I can.

H.L. Christina and I are available at any time if you should have a problem let us help you, if we do not know of problems, then we can't help fix them.

In Amaranth Love and Friendship

SK Russell

Grand Royal Matron

  • H.L. Christina Wagor
  • Phone: (760) 747-7788
  • Email:

Grand Associate Matron

Grand Conductress

Grand Secretary

Grand Royal Patron

  • S.K. Russell Harrison
  • Cell: (805) 736-6910
  • Email:

Grand Associate Patron

  • S.K. Richard Marsh
  • Phone: (972) 849-3806
  • Email:

Grand Associate Conductress

Grand Treasurer